Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Trying to take over the world... One post at a time.

My boyfriend told me we should have a blog. To post about all the little things we do that make us happy. Creative things, crafts.

To begin with, my name is Magali and my boyfriend is called Michaël. We both graduated as bachelor in Applied Computer Science in 2012. We live together since May 2013 and have a cat named Chanel.

We actually had two cats at first, the other one was named Dolce.
The problem is that she:

  • is a demon cat who likes to destroy things with her claws;
  • often avoids contact with people;
  • gets upset when she isn't greeted whenever someone gets home;
  • likes to throw up on the carpet;
  • likes biting in electricity cables and causing blackouts in the house; 
  • gets jealous and scratches the front and back side of your leg just because you were looking at another cat in the garden;
  • dislikes Chanel.

So we had to move Dolce. She now lives with my parents. My dad loves her to bits, and Dolce herself seems to be much happier there. And Chanel can now finally walk around our house in peace, without any fear of getting a smack on her head from Dolce.

We also have a wide arrange of hobbies. 

I, Magali, am often told that I have too many hobbies. But I enjoy them all. Variation, yay! Here's what I like to do:
  • play the piano
  • watch series and movies
  • go to the movies
  • play video games (both on computer and consoles)
  • make things with perler beads in 8-bit style
  • sew hand-made felt plushies
  • craft things out of cardboard (mostly miniature furniture)
  • collecting Pokémon games
  • going for a swim
  • dozens of other things 
And here's what Michaël likes to do:

  • play video games (both on computer and consoles)
  • watch series and movies
  • experiment with cooking food
  • make Magali laugh
  • go to the movies
  • collect vintage games for NES and SNES
  • collect Game & Watch consoles
  • organize gaming/movie nights
  • send witty snapchats to friends
  • probably many more things

Also, we are geeky

Indeed we! I'm a geeky girl, he's a geeky boy. To us, being geeky means that we're passionate about something. Not only about computer business and gaming, but also about hobbies like crafting.

Anyway, please do enjoy our blog. Expect lots of crafting, geeky creativity, movie reviews and cat pictures!

- Magali and Michaël

PS: The cake IS a lie. No, seriously, did you see that recipe?

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