Wednesday, 29 January 2014

As if I don't have enough hobbies already: Hama/Perler art!

A few months ago, I saw some great 8-bit Hama/Perler art online. So of course I just had to buy those beads so that I could make my own geeky crafts. I mean come on, one cannot have too many hobbies, right?
My boyfriend would often find me ironing these instead of ironing clothing. But hey, the results were nice, so that's a good thing, right?

It all began with small things. Mainly Space Invaders. And tiny Game Boys. And some square things with whatever geeky design fitted, those were supposed to be coasters.
Don't mind the blue one with the smirking face. I gave him that look by accident, but he seems to enjoy it.

Then I kinda got obsessed with Space Invaders. I made tons of them. I just had to make them all. Make ALL the Space Invaders!!
Just imagine how cool it would look to have a huge frame with Space Invaders in it, as if you had the game on your wall... I still want to put them all in a frame.
(Pardon me for the poor quality picture, but it was evening and I wanted to show off my work on Facebook.)

After the bunch of Space Invaders, I made a mix of the Joker and Pacman. Which I thought was kinda cool. I found the design on the internet, just kind of copied it with beads. I also realised too late that this would have looked so much better if I had used purple beads instead of black beads for the background.
Not sure what I might do with this one though (ideas are welcome!).

I also had a short period in which I wanted to make cute things. So I created something based on a cherry tree. It's quite minimalistic and it is a good alternative for when you don't have any pictures of other people (but we will have framed pictures of people soon).
I have another one of this with different colours, but no picture of that one yet.

And lastly, something I was quite proud of, a Zelda heart container! This one is now hanging on the wall  behind our microwave. Brightens up our kitchen a bit. Not that we have a dull kitchen or anything, but we do lack some wall decoration in general.

So, that was about it! I actually have many more Hama/Perler creations, but I don't make pictures of everything I create. Probably because I dislike the quality of most pictures I make. There's a perfectly fine working camera laying around here though. Perhaps I should learn how to use it.

Conclusion: these things are fun as long as you know what you will use them for. Most of the results can be made to fit in a frame, or you could use them for decoration. But other than that, they are mainly just for fun.

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