Monday, 17 February 2014

Mario-themed Hama/Perler art!

This Saturday I was on a roll when it came to cleaning, and at the end of the day I thought I'd reward myself with some creative crafting. Ironing Hama/Perler beads, in particular.

We have this frame that can hold up to 8 pictures, but we never seem to find enough pictures to put in there. So I thought I'd make something with beads, to fill the frame with. Initially, it was supposed to be something that would be some sort of temporary placeholder. Just to fill the frame with, since seeing something in the frame would definitely be better than seeing nothing framed at all.
But the end result was so awesome, that we decided to keep it like that.

On Saturday, I was ready at midnight. This was the result.

Pretty neat huh?
Unfortunately at first, I didn't have enough light blue beads left to make a background with. But we were going to have lunch on Sunday at my parents and I had some coloured paper stored on my old room, so I thought I might as well just use light blue paper for the background.

So on Sunday, I brought back home a box with coloured paper. When I began cutting the paper to the right size, I found that the Mario, the coin and the question box didn't quite match with the rest of the designs in the frame. So I just remade those. And I must say, the end result was satisfying! 

By using paper instead of beads for the background, it somewhat ended up looking kinda 3-D. It doesn't really show in the picture, but believe me, it does if you stand right in front of it.
And I know that not everything is correct in ratio, but due to the limited space I have in the frames I had to improvise a bit and make some things smaller.

Up next will be finding a frame to put the Space Invaders themed art in. They have been stored in a box for so long, but now I just really need to frame them in. The world needs to see it!

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